Sun Protection Policy

At Footsteps we acknowledge the importance of sun protection and want children to enjoy the sun safely.

We will work with staff and parents to achieve this through:

  • The nursery garden roof is a UV protection Polycarbonate which filters 80% of the harmful UV rays, which allows the children to explore the garden at all times throughout the day.
  • Fresh water is available and drinks taken outside must be stored in the shade.

On Outings..

  • Parents are asked to supply their own clearly labelled bottle of sun cream to keep at nursery, or if parents have given consent the nursery supplied sun cream can be applied.
  • Children are required to wear hats when on outings. “No hat no play” policy is implemented. There is a supply of nursery hats to give to children who forgot their own.
  • Activities are to be placed in shaded areas. Additional shade can be provided by the parasol and gazebo and moved according to need.
  • Babies (non-mobile) must always be placed in the shade.