Settling In Policy

At Footsteps we want children to feel safe, stimulated, and happy and to feel secure and comfortable with staff. We also want parents to have confidence in both their children well- being and their role as active parents with the Nursery.

We aim to make the Nursery a welcome place where children settle quickly and easily because consideration has been given to the individual needs and circumstances of children and their families.

  • Before a child starts to attend the Nursery, we use a variety of ways to provide his/her parents with information. These include written information (including our prospectus and policies) a visit to the Nursery and displays about Nursery activities.
  • Pre- start visits: all children will be given the opportunity to attend three settling in sessions. Settling session one, will allow for the parent/carer to attend the setting with their child for an hour to go over all the appropriate paperwork which they will have received when signing up and must have completed before their first settling in session, during this settling in session both parent/carer and child will be able to get to know the nursery and staff. Settling in session two and three will give the child the opportunity to attend a session for two hours whilst being left by the main carer for the majority of the session.
  • More settling in visits will be available if needed.
  • For all children, parents can bring photos of special people that are important to their child in, so practitioners can make family tins. This helps support the children’s emotional wellbeing.
  • Parents may wish to bring along comforters to help support their children with the settling procedure.
  • We allocate a key person to each child and his/her family before she starts to attend. Their role is to help the child become familiar with the setting, offer a settled relationship for the child and build a relationship with their parents.
  • The following information will be collected for each child prior to them starting to attend our setting: full name, date of birth, name and addresses of every parent who is known to the provider, which parent the child normally lives with, and emergency contact details for parents. (See section 3.72, Statutory Framework for EYFS)