Safer Recruitment Policy

Objective: This policy is designed to safeguard, protect and promote the welfare of all children, staff and vulnerable adults.

Footsteps Daycare is committed to follow a strict safeguarding procedure to protect all children and young people in our care and expects all staff, volunteers, students and agency staff to share this commitment.

To ensure this we operate a safer recruitment process when recruiting this entails the following:

  • Advertise job description and person specification in appropriate forums within our commitment in accordance to safeguarding statement.
  • Applicants for posts within the nursery are clearly informed that the positions are exempt from the rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.
  • Ensure all candidates are aware they will need an enhance DBS disclosure and the company will require to carry out their own.
  • CV to have current address and contact details.
  • CV’s to be rigorously checked for gaps of employment or addresses and experience.
  • Application form sent to address.
  • 2 references to be sent by us one must be from last employee.
  • Application forms to be thoroughly checked and candidates made into short list.
  • Allow candidates to discuss or show relevant information.
  • A face to face interview process with a member of management present, any gaps or details that we require more information on from their application will be addressed.
  • Individual interview assessment form, individual candidate interview format to be carried out.
  • Recruitment shortlist form will then be completed by all the management team.
  • The short list candidates will then be invited for an experience session, working within the room alongside the staff.
  • We then ask for feedback from the staff and senior staff on their performance within the room and with the children.
  • Decisions will then be made. Letters to the candidates will be sent out that are not successful and why, and an offer letter stating job description and date of induction will be sent to the successful candidate.

Induction Procedure

Once offered a position the staff member will then be on a 3-month probation period during this time the staff member is trained in all areas and have completed a full induction programme. Our induction programme is carried out by one of the management team, this is to ensure all our policies and procedures are thoroughly read through and explained to the staff member and that they have the opportunity to discuss anything that they do not understand.

Documents given to the staff member during their induction are:

  • Staff Handbook
  • Safeguarding induction
  • Operational plan including policies and procedures
  • Staff details form
  • Declaration of conviction
  • P46 form if required
  • Certificates
  • DBS application requested by the company

The induction programme also includes showing and observing the staff member using the correct procedure for:

  • Fire evacuation procedure
  • First aid
  • Food safety procedure
  • Safeguarding and child protection/co-ordinators
  • A nappy change
  • Parents verbal handovers
  • Made aware of our main officers for SEN, DLP for safeguarding etc
  • Settling a new child
  • Partnership with parents (telephone calls etc)
  • Lunch time procedure
  • Play and interaction
  • Story time session
  • Dance and movement
  • Cooking activities
  • Health and safety
  • Risk assessments
  • Planning and evaluations
  • Learning journals and observations
  • Dietary requirements

After the member of staff has complete their induction programme, they would then have 1 monthly review to have a clear understanding and some or all confident in all of the above areas and our policies and procedure.

A 3-month probation review will then be carried out by the manager or deputy manager this is where we would discuss how they feel they are getting on in each area and we would get feedback from their room leader before deciding if they will be signed off their probation or to have it extended with an action plan put in place and a follow up review meeting date in place.

Once the staff member has been successfully signed off their probation, they will then have a 6 months supervision review and an annual appraisal where a staff performance rating sheet is completed by the staff member and manager.

This is where training is discussed, nursery responsibilities, areas of achievement and areas of improvement – with an action plan to put into place with follow up meeting arranged if required.

Staff attends a monthly staff meeting where we discuss as a team issues, events and our roles and responsibilities within the nursery.

All our policies and procedures are kept in the office and a copy at the main entrance.

For more information and guidance please refer to our operational plan.