Promoting health and hygiene – No-smoking policy

At Footsteps Day Care we comply with health and safety regulations and the Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements of the EYFS in making our setting a no- smoking environment.

Parents and staff are asked not to smoke anywhere in the premises. No smoking is permitted in the buildings, the play area or the car park. This will apply to all staff, parents/carers and visitors entering the nursery building. (Statutory framework 3.55 for EYFS)

Staff are prohibited to smoke whilst in their nursery clothing and must ensure they change into their own clothing if they wish to smoke. If the staff member chooses to smoke in their own clothes they must allow a 30 min period from their last cigarette to returning into contact with children.*

Staff will not be permitted to work in the nursery under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

*This is a recommendation from Governments Chief Medical Officer