Nursery Inclusion Policy

Our nursery welcomes all families/carers regardless of social or cultural background and with or without disabilities. We provide an environment where we all feel valued and free from discrimination, reflecting our multicultural society where families, staff and children work together to promote an inclusive place which everybody feels happy in.

Our provision reflects the diversity of the local community with a high level of parental involvement encouraged. The needs of the child are paramount and we aim to meet the individual’s needs through observing and celebrating different cultural and religious festivals, dress and diet, in addition to cultural expectations and social customs.

We follow the SEN code of practice and Equality Act.

Role of SENCO

As required, we have a named SENCO Clairee Wright working alongside her is James Duddington, they are responsible for co-orienting the provision for children with special educational needs. For further details please refer to our SEN policy.

Working Together

It is very important that all staff work closely together and the manager always ensure that the professional development of staff is kept up to date.


Our nursery is situated in town centre, opposite to Northampton train station. The nursery has a path accessible from the rear of the building making it very convenient for those who drive. We are also fortunate to have a ramp leading up to the entrance. Throughout the day we use all areas of the nursery for different activities. The outside area is useful for physical play where children are able to use a range of their muscles to promote a healthy active body. It is accessed daily in any kind of weather and children are able to be outside in fresh air even when it is wet. We regularly access local facilities e.g. library, shops, fruit and vegetable market, bus station etc. to enhance children’s learning and sense of community.


All staff in our setting promotes anti-discriminatory practice and show sensitivity and knowledge when working with SEN children with the support of our SENCO.


All staff are given the opportunity to attend training and staff meetings. Supervision and appraisals are also important to key staff up to date of any SEN issues.

Resources and Learning

Staff complete regular observations on the children needs and interests to help us deliver high quality learning experiences tailored to each child’s needs. We operate a key person system where each child is allocated a named staff member during the initial stages to help child to become familiar with the setting and to develop a close relationship with them and their parents.

In the absence of a key person we have a ‘buddy system’ whereby a second named person will look after the needs of the child. Key person will be responsible for compiling child’s online learning journey Tapestry which is a collection of written and photographic evidence relating to a child’s development and progress whilst they are at the nursery. While it is key person’s responsibility for the learning journey, all members of staff undertake observations on all children.

Practitioners will adapt activities so all children can be included in all experiences. There is a differentiation section on the planning.

Admission Arrangements

All children are welcome into our setting and their individual needs are considered. Parents are able to book an initial visit to the nursery which allows prospective parents to have a look around our setting, meet the staff and the other children. We want parents to have confidence in both their children’s wellbeing and their role as active parents with the nursery; we take every step to ensure this. For more details please see our Admission Policy.

Partnership with parents

We welcome all parents into our setting regardless of their race, religion, background, age or gender. We hold regular parent evenings/coffee meetings and send out regular newsletters to inform our parents of any news around the nursery. We present parents with suggestion box situated in the hallway should they wish to contribute any ideas for improvement. Parents complete questionnaires to let us know their opinion and share their views with the management.

Country of the month

Due to the high number of multicultural children, we at Footsteps feel that it is paramount that we learn and explore all children’s cultures and customs. Practitioners plan experiences and opportunities to educate children about the world. This includes cooking experiences.

Parent Representative

We have a new parent representative. Her name is Laura Boatwright, she is available for parents to talk to, ask questions and give suggestions too if they feel they want to talk to another parent. Laura is available by telephone or email.

Laura is also invited in to discuss upcoming events within the nursery with the nursery management for the parent’s newsletter, and to make suggestions on events or activities to plan and implement within the nursery.