Medication Policy

This policy provides guidelines to staff and parents regarding the administration of medication. All staff has a responsibility to read, understand and follow this policy to ensure the safety of the children.

Children who have been prescribed any antibiotics must not attend nursery until 24 hours after first dose.  This is to ensure that children do not have adverse reaction whilst in our care.  Calpol or other pain relief can be administered to your child providing it is clearly labelled with their name and our company’s forms are fully completed.  It can be administered for 2 consecutive days.  If the symptoms persist then we recommend seeking advice from your GP.


  • Parents must complete a Nursery consent form with all the relevant details prior to any medication (prescription or Calpol/teething gel) being administered on the premises.
  • Medicines will always be given by a qualified member of staff. This need to be witnessed by another qualified member of staff.
  • All medicines to be administered must be in the original container with the information on it. All medicines must be in date and will only be administered according to the instructions on the container.
  • The staff member administering the medicine must complete the medication sheet when the medicine is administered.
  • At the end of the session the parent must sign the sheet to confirm they are aware that the medication has been administered and that the medication has been returned to them.
  • At Footsteps Daycare we are only permitted to administer one dose of Calpol or ibuprofen to help bring the temperature down.

Medication storage

All medications brought to the nursery should be put away in a refrigerator. Emergency medication such as inhalers and spacers will be kept in the basket placed on the top of the fridge.

All medication needs to be clearly labelled with children’s names.

Record keeping

Parents will always be asked to complete and sign a medication sheet at the beginning of a session when bringing the medicine into the nursery.

All records must be clearly completed with details on the date/dosage/time and signature of staff member administering the medicine and the witness.


Where necessary all staff will be trained on how to administer medicine.

Staff taking medication/ other substances

As stated in EYFS: “Practitioners must not be under the influence of alcohol or any other substance which may affect their ability to care for children. If practitioners are taking medication which may affect their ability to care for children, those practitioners should seek medical advice. Providers must ensure that those practitioners only work directly with children if medical advice confirms that the medication is unlikely to impair that staff member’s ability to look after children properly. Staff medication on the premises must be securely stored, and out of reach of children, at all times.” (See section 3.19 Statutory Framework for EYFS)