Lost Child Procedure (During Outing)

Regular head counts are carried out on children throughout the outing.
In the unlikely event of a child going missing whilst on an outing the following procedure will be implemented immediately.

• The organiser will be informed immediately and all staff present will be informed and deployed to start an immediate thorough search of the area, ensuring that all other children remain supervised throughout
• If appropriate, on-site security will also be informed and a description of the child/children given
• In the event of a child not being found, the designated person in charge will immediately inform the police
• The designated person in charge will then inform the nursery who will contact the child’s parents/carers giving details of what has happened. In the case of the whole nursery being on an outing, all parents/carers details would be taken on the trip by the person in charge
• Staff from the nursery will be sent to assist the safe return of the other children
• During this period, staff will be continually searching for the missing child, whilst other staff maintain the safety of the remaining children
• At least one member of staff will remain at the scene whilst others return to the nursery with the children. This member of staff will continue searching for the child/children
• The remaining member of staff will meet the police and parents/carers when they arrive at a designated point
• Any incidents must be recorded in writing
• Ofsted must be contacted and informed of any incidents
• With incidents of this nature parents, carers and children may require support and reassurance following the traumatic experience