Equal Opportunities Policy

At Footsteps we aim to:

  • Create an environment in which each individual feel valued irrespective of ethnic origin, language, gender, ability or age.
  • Provide activities and materials that offer children opportunities to develop in environment free from prejudiced and discrimination and valuing diversity.
  • Encourage all parents and guardians to participate as fully as possible in the life of the nursery.
  • Create an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust among children and staff in which all families and staff feel safe and unthreatened.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Take every opportunity to encourage children to behave appropriately and to deal with incidents positively. All staff share the responsibility of ensuring that play encourage positive co-operative behaviour amongst children.
  • Encourage children to develop self-esteem, confidence and motivation in all areas of their lives, including their own learning, progress and development.
  • Ensure that both girls and boys have full access to all kinds of activities and equipment and are equally encouraged to enjoy and learn from them.
  • Show separate awareness of all major events in the lives of the children and families within the nursery and in our society as a whole the nursey and welcome the diversity of backgrounds from which they come.
  • To encourage children to be respectful to all other children and staff. Practioners should endeavour to stop any discrimination and prejudice made by children.
  • To value parents’ wishes and beliefs if they do not want their child taking part in different religious experiences.
  • Train staff to be able to identify and avoid all discrimination, celebrate cultural heritage, develop and improve their knowledge of inclusion issues, encourage high self-esteem and confidence and avoid inappropriate behaviour through good practise.
  • Seek to implement equal opportunities in the recruitment, support and development of all staff.

It is the responsibility of all staff to monitor the success of the equal opportunities policy by ensuring that the equal opportunities issues are raised within it are followed and supported. When monitoring identifies a manner of concern, appropriate action will be taken at senior management level to address the situation, after seeking appropriate consultation and advice