Emergancy Procedure

The following are emergency procedures to be followed in the event of;


  1. Electricity
  2. Gas
  3. Water/Flood
  4. Stanley doors failing (From Inside or Outside)
  5. Intruder
  6. Break In
  7. Fire
  8. Emergency Maintenance
  9. Terrorist activity
  1. Electricity:

In the event of complete electricity loss contact:

Western Power Distribution

0800 6783 105 or call 105

For area loss within the building fuses will need to be checked in the fuse box located in the back room of the kitchen and in the Infant room.

In the event of electricity problems raise a maintenance concern in the maintenance book located in the office.


  1. Gas:

In the event of complete gas loss contact:

National Grid’s Emergency

0800 111 999

If you smell gas, think you have a gas leak or suspect that carbon monoxide fumes may be escaping from a gas appliance.

Please call the Gas Emergency line:

0800 111 999


– Turn off the gas supply at the meter

– Open all doors and windows

– Don’t smoke

– Extinguish any naked flames

– Don’t turn any electrical switches on or off

  1. Water:

In the event of water failure please call:

Anglian Water

03457 145 145

In the event of a water leak please call:

Anglian Water

0800 771 881

  1. Flood:

In the event of a main flood on entry of the building please call:

0300 2000 100

  1. Stanley doors failing:

Report the failing to Stanley Support:

0845 301 6192

From the inside:-

In the event of the door failing and the doors being unable to open with the push button, a forceful push to the centre of the doors will open the doors outwards.

N.B. this should be on immediate exit as will result in the building being unsecured so until such point the back emergency door should be used.

From the outside:-

In the event of the door failing and you are unable to gain access from the front; the senior will need to use a key to gain access to the rear.

N.B. Always ensure the sensor is clean and dry as this may affect the operation.

  1. Intruder:

In the event of an intruder entering the front entrance, ensure the second door is bolted and secured and contact the police immediately on: 999

If the intruder enters through the back fire door, ensure 999 are called immediately.

In the event of the garden being entered the area will remain secure by the coded back door but police will still need to be contacted for removal of the intruder.

In all events Ofsted will need to be informed that we have had a breach of security whilst children are within the building.

  1. Break In:

On discovering a break in contact the police immediately on 999

If the area has been inspected and is able to be cleared and the remaining of the rooms can be accessed safely and securely then the nursery will remain open to parents.

If the damage is rather extreme and the building isn’t safe for entry then notices will need to be put on the school app and parents contacted regarding the closure until further notice.

Maintenance requests will need to be made and insurance will need to be contacted to assess the damage.

  1. Fire:

In the event of a fire, raise the alarm immediately and contact 999; follow the evacuation procedures and ensure the children are taken to the place of safety with the evacuation case.

The person in charge will then need to contact all parent/guardians to arrange safe collection.

On discovering a fire:

Sound the alarm immediately and if possible, phone 999.

If it is not possible to leave your room fire seals are fitted to all internal doors these will expand and protect you for up to 30 minutes.

– Remain calm, do not alarm the children, and do not collect any belongings.

– Leave the building with if possible, a staff member at the front and behind the children.

– Children are to leave the premises in pairs.

– Younger children to be placed in the evacuation cot.

– Remember to pick up the register.

– Evacuate the building by the nearest fire exit and make your way to the fire assembly point – NURSERY PLAYGROUND.

If this is not possible make your way to the designated place of safety – SOL CENTRAL.

– Make sure no children are left behind in any area of the nursery.

– Do not re-enter the building for any reason.

– Remain with your group of children in the fire assembly area and wait for the register to be checked.

Your fire marshal is MARITSA WARD O’CONNELL.

  1. Emergency Maintenance:

In the event of emergency maintenance please contact ‘Ian Critchlow’ for an immediate service or planned service/advice.

  1. Terrorist Activity:

In the event of an incident, ‘lockdown’ of a building or buildings is an emergency procedure to secure and protect occupants near an immediate threat.

Be prepared

Follow any advice for managing emergency situations given at training sessions.

Make sure all staff are aware of their role during ‘lockdown’.

Use the wording below to issue to all parents as soon as lockdown is announced and you are sure the situation is not a false alarm.

Due to an incident we have been advised by the emergency services to secure the premises and stay put until we are given the ‘all clear’. Please do not attempt to collect your child until it is safe to do so. We will let you know as soon as we are able when that is likely to be.

In the meantime we need to keep our telephone lines clear and would appreciate your cooperation in not calling unless it is absolutely vital that you speak to us.

Upon alert to lockdown

Stay calm.

Ensure staff and children stay in their designated areas. Stay in the room you are working in, secure all doors and windows and await further instructions.

Close curtains and blinds where possible.

Stay away from windows and doors.

Do NOT make non-essential calls on mobile phones or landlines.

If the fire alarm is activated, remain where you are and await further instructions from emergency services unless the fire is in your area. In which case, move to the next room/area, following your usual fire procedures.

Following the lockdown

Co-operate with the emergency services to help in an orderly evacuation.

Ensure you have the Register and children’s details with you.

Any staff or children who have witnessed an attack or incident will need to tell the police what they saw. 
The police may require other individuals to remain available for questioning.

Managing parent’s

In the event of an incident it is inevitable parents will want to come to the setting and collect their children immediately.

They must be discouraged from doing so, until the emergency services give the all clear.

Even then, depending on the severity and type of incident, children may need to be checked by medical teams or questioned by the police.

It must be made absolutely clear to parents that you will be acting on the advice of the emergency services at all times.

With regard to getting information to parents during ‘lockdown’, you should use the existing system ‘OurSchoolsApp’.

Discourage parents from ringing you directly for further updates during ‘lockdown’; it will be vital your phone lines remain clear.

Report any suspicious activity to the police on 999 or the anti-terrorist hotline: 0800 789 321.