Accidents and Injuries Policy

When children have an accident staff should treat the child in a calm manner and follow the instructions given during First Aid training.

The accident form should also be filled in and signed by a member of staff and a witness.

All accidents need to be reported to Nursery Manager or Deputy Manager and countersigned.

All accidents will be reported to parents either at the end of the day or by telephone at the time of the accident, depending on the severity of the injury. Parents will be contacted to collect their child if needed.

Staff will accompany them to hospital if needed or an ambulance will be called.

Parents will be required to sign the accident form when they come to collect to show that they are aware of any action taken.

If an accident results in hospitalisation a form must be completed and sent to Ofsted by the person in charge at the time of the accident.

(See Section 3 The safeguarding and welfare requirements, 3.50, Statutory Framework for EYFS)

If an accident has occurred at home parents must inform the staff on arrival to nursery and an Existing Injuries form needs to be competed.