Admission’s Policy

Our nursery is open to all families regardless of their social or cultural background; we are open for 51 weeks a year from 8am to 6pm, Monday till Friday. We can accommodate up to 98 children in 5 different age groups:

Baby Room (3 months – 12 months) 9

Toddler Room (1 year – 2 years) 12

Infant Room (2 years – 2, 5 years) 16

Pre-School 1 (2, 5 years – 3, 5 years) 30

Pre-School 2 (3, 5 years – 5 years) 31

  • Parents are able to book an initial visit to the nursery which allows prospective parents to look around the setting. During this visit parents are given the opportunity to ask any questions that they may have.
  • A non-refundable administration fee of £50 is payable for each child to register.
  • Children aged over 3 can use their funding hours as follows:

– 11 hours if more sessions required

– 15 (13.5) hours if funded sessions only, term time only

  • 2-year funding is available as 15 (13.5) hours only
  • Children admitted on 2 years old funding cannot be guaranteed 3-year-old funding place when reaching their 3rd
  • There is a limited number of funding sessions available and paid sessions will always take priority. This is governed by business needs and is set by management team.
  • A minimum of 2 sessions a week needs to be taken.
  • Children that have a sibling that already attends the setting are given priority.
  • Children requiring full time places are given priority.
  • Footsteps do not hold a waiting list.

Outings Safety Procedure Policy

Before preparing to go on an outing, please check that all children have the relevant written permission, any outings using transport require specific additional written permission from parents.

The group supervisor is to complete an outings checklist leaving a photocopy with the nursery manager or deputy, ensure they have the nursery phone, a regular head count should take place and the group supervisor should also ensure there is the correct adult to child ratio.

The nursery manager or deputy must also be informed of the intended destination and expected return time.

At least one member of staff needs to hold level 3 qualifications.

A first aider should be present and the first aid bag taken along with any additional medication needed by individual children.

Vehicles in which children are being transported and the driver of those vehicles must be adequately insured. (See section 3.66 statutory framework for EYFS)

When applicable staff members must ensure that children have sun cream applied and also have summer hats on before leaving the nursery.

Children must be dressed appropriately for all weathers. If children do not have suitable clothing then they cannot be taken offsite.

Members of the public are forbidden to take photographs of the children.