Baby Room

Baby room: From 3 month

We like to keep this group small as the children will be at different stages, some will be crawling and others will be taking their first few steps.
We aim to offer your child the attention they need at this young age.
While allowing them to explore and develop.
These rooms are equipped with toys and equipment and are decorated specifically for this age group.
We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum for all ages, and so activities are planned according to this and also to the children’s individual ability.

Toddler Room

Toddler room: up to 24 months
In the toddler room your child will be offered different activities to help with every stage of their development, puzzles, colouring, finger and brush painting, lots of textured activities, we like to allow young children room to express and develop, we will be helping the children to learn to share, socialise and communicate, in many different ways such as stories, singing, music and dance.

Infant Room

Infants Room: Ages 24 months-36 months
This room is equipped to help the development of children as they get ready to transition through to the pre-school. On offer will be a variety of equipment   and activities to stimulate and stretch their developing imaginations. There is a home-corner; sand and water play area and a book corner. The children are able to access art and crafts at every session.

Pre-school Room’s

Pre-school rooms: 2.5 Years – 3+ Years
Our Pre-school rooms are well-equipped playrooms, there is an art and craft area, painting is available every day, as is sand and water play, we have an area for role play and dressing up, a book corner, and a learning zone, with computer area, maths, science, writing and literacy.
Our pre-school children are offered a mixture of free play and adult lead activities which are carefully planned to stimulate and interest your child and help on-going development.
We cover Early Years Foundation Stage and work towards the early learning goals which are: Personal, Social and Emotional development- Communication, Language and Literacy-Problem – solving, reasoning and Numeracy- Knowledge and understanding of the world- Physical Development and Creative Development.