Policies and Procedures

Admission’s Policy
Assessment Policy
Child Protection Policy
Children Learning English As An Additional Language Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy
Health and Safety General Standards Policy
Medication Policy
Nursery Inclusion Policy
Outings Safety Procedure Policy
Prevent Strategy
Safer Recruitment Policy
Settling In Policy
Sickness Policy
Social Media Policy
Sun Protection Policy
Behaviour Management Policy
Healthy Eating Policy
The Use of Cameras Policy
The Use of Mobile Phones Policy
Whistleblowing Policy
Student Policy
Emergancy Procedure
Sleep Policy
Dummy Policy
Promoting health and hygiene – No-smoking policy
Complaints Procedure
Accidents and Injuries Policy
Lost Child Procedure (From Nursery)
Lost Child Procedure (During Outing)
The Non-Collection of Children Policy
Special Educational Needs (SEN) Policy