Active learning

All children have twice daily supervised access to our outside playground full of interesting and stimulating planned activities and equipment, which each child has the opportunity to explore and enjoy every day.

Children enjoy getting messy in our safe and happy environment, taking part in lots of exciting planned activities for example:-

  • Cooking
  • Painting
  • Water play
  • Music & Dance
  • Mark making (drawing, chalking etc)
  • Imaginative Play
  • Story time

Reqularly we are visited by the fire brigade, police force and ambulance crew. The children are able to fully interact with the crews, look around the vehicles and learn about each service from the people involved. This kind of learning completely backs the theory that children learn through play.

Our 12 day seasonal menu

We offer a healthy and nutritionally balanced menu to all of the children in our care beginning with breakfast, followed by a morning snack, home cooked lunch and a high tea. All meals are prepared and cooked on site in the nursery kitchen and can be adapted to cater for any child with additional dietary requirements, be they for medical, religious or preferential reasons.

We operate a rolling 12-day seasonal menu, which takes advantage of local seasonal produce; however, we also select foods from around the world to introduce the children to different tastes and textures. We even have a separate menu for our babies to compliment parents’ weaning needs.